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Welcome, here poetry meets magic...

Jannie Fernandes is the author of, Magic in Teacups. It is a collection of poems about grief, love, and magic. Through her book, Jannie has expressed her pain of losing a loved one to COVID-19. She has dedicated this book to all those families impacted by the global pandemic. 


Magic in teacups (2024)

"Magic in teacups" by Jannie F, is a love letter to an empathetic generation, to old souls with a vintage heart who weave their love to retro songs, to the dreamers, to artists who are still doubting their art, and to you.


A collection of poems about life through seasons of love, grief, solace and magic: so, grab a warm cup of tea, sit by the window and let these poems make a home in your heart so you can see where the magic was brewing all this while.

This book of poems is like a song meant to be sung just for you; there’s one for every season. I may not know what you are going through, but I promise you will find something from these pages to keep. At the end of this book, I hope your heart beats differently.

Maybe You're Not Overthinking Podcast

Maybe You're Not Overthinking!

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Magic in teacups poetry book

Magic In Teacups

New Book Release

I Wish I Knew Podcast by Jisha & Jannie

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Starlight & Seashells

Starlight & Seashells

Debut book

Jannie Fernandes

About Jannie 

Jannie Fernandes is the author behind @trustonlystars

She is a poet, podcaster, and artist. Her work revolves around embracing different emotions. Her debut book, "Starlight & Seashells," is a collection of poems on love, while her second book, "Magic in Teacups," delves into the highs and lows of life.

Jannie is passionate about creating art in various forms and loves to travel. She enjoys engaging in conversations about life and is captivated by the stars. She has a strong belief in magic and, much like her poems, is often considered delusional

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