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Jannie Fernandes is the author of, Magic in Teacups. It is a collection of poems about grief, love, and magic. Through her book, Jannie has expressed her pain of losing a loved one to COVID-19. She has dedicated this book to all those families impacted by the global pandemic. 

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Magic in teacups | New release 2024

Magic in teacups’ is a collection of 80 poems and 45 quotes, about love, grief, solace and magic.

During the pandemic in 2021, Jannie’s mother – Deepa Fernandes tested positive for COVID-19. Like many others, Jannie’s family experienced the same struggles – they were unable to find hospital beds, witnessed the shortage of oxygen cylinders when their families relied on them to survive, watched patients go into ICU every hour, unavailability of medication, increasing hospital bills and raising funds for the treatment.

The second phase was dreadful, the death count kept going up. Jannie’s family focused on raising funds, and soon people worldwide stepped forward to help her. She raised 22L through crowdfunding via Milaap for her mother’s treatment that was ongoing in Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai. However, after fighting for almost a month on a ventilator, her mother passed away on 16th May 2021.

In her book, Magic in Teacups’ Jannie briefly shares her grief and healing experiences. She believes that grief wasn’t a personal story, she shared her loss with millions of people who struggled to save their families from Covid but couldn’t. These poems about love, grief, and magic, represent the healing journey of those who suffered tremendous loss during the global pandemic.

"The world casually mentions the pandemic now, but for people like us, it's not the same. Our entire world changed." - Jannie Fernandes

Avinish Pathak,

Book Blogger & Reviewer

"Magic in teacups' is a soothing collection of poems that promises to offer solace, comfort, amusement, nostalgia, and refreshing vibes in this extremely chaotic world. Her poems will make you believe in power of "Love letters" in this modern contemporary world."

Dr. V Shubhalaxmi, 

Founder & Head of Ladybird Environmental Consulting & iNaturewatch Foundation

Avinish Pathak,

Book Blogger & Reviewer

Jannie Fernandes

About Jannie 

Jannie Fernandes is the author behind @trustonlystars

She is a poet, podcaster, and artist. Her work revolves around embracing different emotions. Her debut book, "Starlight & Seashells," is a collection of poems on love, while her second book, "Magic in Teacups," delves into the highs and lows of life.

Jannie is passionate about creating art in various forms and loves to travel. She enjoys engaging in conversations about life and is captivated by the stars. She has a strong belief in magic and, much like her poems, is often considered delusional

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